Feb 3, 2011

The Tulips Came Early This Year

Yeah, I know, can you believe it? ;)

No school yesterday due to Snowtorious BIG (my favorite of the snowstorm nicknames) meant I had to think fast before cabin fever overcame us with sadness and boredom. After promising hot chocolate for when we came back in, I finally convinced my son Lukas we needed to go out and play in all of that cold white stuff! It was fun. And just like I suspected, after all of that initial whining of "It's too cold out there, Mom!", he didn't even want to come back in when it was time. Silly child o' mine!

My pretend winter tulips.
Jack, my favorite cat on the planet, checking out what's going on outside.
Cheer up already, little boy!
Looking about 5 times his normal size while making snow angels. He laughed when he saw this picture.
I got this adorable raccoon hat for Christmas from my boyfriend's dad. Isn't it cute? And how 'bout that 1980s down ski jacket? (thrifted) Both incredibly warm! :)
Oh, and the tulips are from my sweet man who brought them to me last week. I thought they deserved to be photographed before they wilted.


  1. Great post! Love the tulips~I have a bunch on my dining room table as I write this! Nice to think that soon they really will be "springing" up from the ground! You look adorable!

    Have a great day!

    Jamie aka: bungelowjame
    Applesauce Inn B&B

  2. looks like some fun fun was had!
    gorgeous the tulips.
    and your hat, i have an owl one, almost twins ;)

  3. I LOVE the hat! And the tulips look so pretty against the snow.

    (And Snowtorious BIG? Much better than my overused and hard-to-spell Snowcapolypse!)

  4. The cutest cat ever!!

  5. Jamie, you must tell me about this Applesauce Inn!

    Vanessa, I want to see a pic of your hat too!

    thanks for the comments, all you girls. <3

  6. My daughter has a spring jacket similar to yours. I always wish it was in my size :) Lucky lucky you :) You two look like you had fun! xo

  7. OMG!!! I love that hat :) It´s the funnies, most beautiful and fabulous I have ever seen!!!!


  8. flowers from the boy and that adorable hat from his Dad? what a pair! x

  9. i love these photos. brilliant idea. you totally tricked me at first glance! i thought they were really blooming! haha! silly me.

    love your coat!



I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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