Jul 9, 2009

My Favorite Clothes -- Day 2 of 7

This is the 2nd Mexican dress from the package from my aunt. {Yesterday's blogpost} I love it! So colorful and pretty, and the softest comfortable cotton to boot. I feel like being home when I'm wearing this dress.

Paired it with my 60's metallic slides.

This is Grandma LoLa. I can only hope to be as kind and graceful as she ALWAYS was, not to mention a most AMAZING cook! Always encouraging, Grandma often complimented me on my style, as I did her. I hope she knew how much of an influence she had on me. :) Such a classic beauty she was!

More favorite clothes coming this week, every day. Thanks to my motivation team! :)

DaisyToad Vintage, Afresh Vintage & NodtoMod Vintage



  1. sis, you've done real good! love the blogs~always looking forward to see what you'll put up next! Impressed! Love your outfits you love, love your tribute to grandma, love the music also on the page....very personalized and classic...that's my sis.



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