Aug 20, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- 60's Vintage GIBSON GIRLS & BIKES Print Mini Dress

Oh my, how I love this print! If the dress were my size, there's no way I'd be featuring it, because I would definitely be bidding on it myself. ;)
The 1960's really are chock full of fun prints on dresses, aren't they? This nostalgic print of the 19th century is like a collage of history right on the body. Like wearing art. It seems to be celebrating the invention of the bicycle too, notice that? *So cool* I will most surely be jealous of the winning bidder of this dress, whomever that LUCKY girl will be!

For sale by Bunny's Vintage Boutique on Ebay.


  1. Beautiful ! Love the patterns and the colours.

    By the way, Ballet NEWS has moved home - so please update your links/bookmarks/subs to

    Thank you ! And have a lovely weekend

  2. so cool! and way neat that you were on the scream 4 set! totally rad.


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