Aug 16, 2010

Music Monday : For Grandma

I lost my Grandma Dolores 5 years ago today. Before that day, I don't think I had ever experienced true grief. We were very close and I am forever thankful for that. A little bit about her: She was Mexican-American and often spoke Spanish with her English. She was also an AMAZING cook, and such a wonderfully caring mother and grandma to a great big Hispanic family that continues to grow. AND, just as a little side note, my little etsy shop is actually named after her, as many people referred to her as "Lola". :)

I will never forget all of the times Grandma made it a point to cook me anything my heart desired on my birthday. We also bonded on many occasions staying up late at night while talking about the times when she herself was a young woman. I treasure these memories so dearly!

The two songs below by The Innocence Mission had, at the time of her death, helped me accept her passing. The group's lead singer Karen Peris, had lost her father shortly before recording the album (titled "We Walked In Song"). I love the words to both songs so much! If you've ever had someone close to you pass, I hope you find comfort in the lyrics as I did then, and still do now... ♥

♫ All these things I want you to be part of. . .
darling, you'll be. ♫

"Since I still tell you my everyday"

♫ In me will you shine. . . ♫

"Lake Shore Drive"


  1. As someone who was immensely close to my own grandmother, I can totally relate to what you must be feeling today. How blessed we have been to have known and learned from these women! xo
    PS: My Etsy shop is ALSO named after my beloved gran!

  2. I truly believe that we have the EXACT same taste in music. Week to week, I am amazed. Haha. I love the Innocence Mission and Lake Shore Drive is my absolute favorite :)

  3. Memories are the best to have of such a remarkable women that had such a big impact on your life.
    Be sure to write them down, and the stories she told to one day share those with your childres.
    I wish I would have talked to my grandmother more, but often saw her. Now all I have left is my grandfather, and I'm trying to spend more time with him.
    Cheers to your wonderful memories, and now that she is looking down on you and smiling chica!
    abrazos y besos

  4. lovely post, I just lost my grandmother also a few months ago and luckily have great memories too. I truly think it's the worst part of getting older that we must let people go....

  5. Baroness, I agree! So sweet your etsy shop is named after your grandma too. :)

    Bruklyn Belle, are they not AMAZING? 1 of my faves forever!

    thanks to all of you for the comments. No one ever takes the place of an amazing Grandmama. :)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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