Aug 17, 2010

Lacey Melange

Just a little sneak preview of what's coming to the shop before the week is up. I am always wondering what kind of "feel" my shop has and often think it lacks that strong definite signature. What I do know though, is that I always love what I put in my shop, or else it would never have made its way there in the first place. Is that a given? I know it's pretty vague, but it's true. Looking at these pieces, a few things are obvious: I like bows and lace, feminine silhouettes most definitely, and always (regular blog readers surely know this one) ALWAYS novelty prints.
Just to name a few. ;)

I *do* hope the items I put in the shop somehow or another say "Lola Vintage".
What do you think?

Keep an eye out for these and more items this week in the shop!


1950's Tea Green Mad Men Dress
Mad Men Bow Dress, 1950's

1960's signed David Smith Painter's Palette Skirt/skorts
Painters Palette signed David Smith Skirt, 1960's

1970's Black Lace Wide Leg STEVIE Pants
vintage Wide Leg black lace pants, 1970's

70's Vanilla and Lace Puff Sleeve Dress
Vanilla and Lace Dress, 1970's

vintage 50's Everyday Valentine Heart Flowers Skirt
(wait till you see this print up close, it's SO CUTE!)
Heart Flowers Skirt, 1950's

Norma Kamali 1980's Victorian Inspired Lace Blouse
Norma Kamali Ecru Lace Blouse, 1980's

1950's Peek-a-boo Bodice Black Cotton Dress with Bow Belt
Peek-a-boo bodice dress, 1950's


  1. Love the artist novelty print skirt and I ADORE the Madmen tea day dress! The bow is darling!

  2. Mmmm--love that first dress, and the Norma Kamali blouse is pretty incredible looking, too!

  3. Oh I agree Jessica!
    I think most designers and creative vintage sellers, put out what they tend to like, but hey that's not a bad thing! If people are buying then your on the right track. =)
    Love the pants, I found a long black lace skirt similar that I will have up in the shop soon to :)

  4. Thank you gals, I love reading your comments! <3


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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