Oct 18, 2010

Off go the Chartreuse

When I first listed these amazing pants I was having second thoughts about whether or not I should UNlist them because they're so cool. Initially, I had taken the Etsy shop photos of them while they were hanging on a pants hanger, but after thinking about it, (and consulting with my twitter friends) I thought they'd look better on a live model. That's when this outfit was born! I had the idea that I'd load the pant pics on to Etsy afterward, and well, wouldn't you know it, before I even got a chance to do that, they had sold. Understandably so! The color of these captured my attention instantly when I first found them. 
High waist and warm fabric too? Yes, please!

So I'm shipping these pretties off today, but don't worry, I'm not sad about it, because they were actually a tad too big for me and also too long. They were worthy of an outfit post though! 
I love the color chartreuse for fall.

I'm crazy about this blouse. I scored it at a consignment shop for SUCH a great price I couldn't believe it. You'll know why when you see outfit details. ;)
Color always captures my heart.
I really liked the color combination of the entire outfit, and one of my favorite little details about the whole get-up was how the puffy white blouse cuffs stick out of the blazer sleeves. *pretty*
Tree hugger? Yes, I am. :)

Vintage Leather Blazer - thrifted and also in the shop now.
Puffy White Blouse by Vivienne Westwood - Consignment shop
Vintage copper tone shiny belt - thrifted
Vintage Chartreuse High Waist Pants - sold from Lola Vintage
Vintage bare traps wood heels - ebay
Vintage clear & colorful beaded necklace, thrifted


  1. I LOVE that leather jacket. I want something like that sooo bad. The shopping bug is starting to bite me :-)

  2. stop Denise! You're making me want to keep it! :-P


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