Oct 20, 2010

Jordache and Boots with Lace


I think I've always owned at least one pair of Jordache jeans and/or cut off shorts. I'm a child of the 80's, and when I'm out and about hunting for my favorite vintage, I am by default looking for names like Gitano, Jordache, Chic, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Bonjour in the jeans department. I find the fit of vintage jeans much more flattering on my figure than most modern jeans. Oh, and I also LOVE that embroidered horse on the Jordache brand!

About the lace and boots: A friend asked me why I wanted to wear "little girl socks" when I had this outfit on, but they are made for my size, and I thought the lacey ruffle with the boots looked pretty.

I'm getting very self-conscious about my legs lately, as I've gained a little weight since last year, but I'm hoping this is the year that the gym (that I'm about to join any day now) kicks my arse! (We'll see.) On that note, I have just recently listed a pair of Jordache jean shorts that I used to wear, but have since grown out of due to the *ahem*  little extra "more to love".

Oh my!  Maybe when I was a little girl I saw this happy lady below and the impression has subconsciously stayed with me. ;) tooooo funny.

Outfit details:
Ruffled Blue blouse - thrifted
chocolate brown cropped sweater top - hand-me-down from my Sis
brown leather belt - thrifted
Jordache high waist jean shorts - thrifted
lacey socks - ebay
brown leather ankle boots - T.J. Maxx
shiny heart necklace - thrifted


  1. I love how you've paired those beautiful boots with frilly white socks. Lovely combo! :) Paris in Pink

  2. You look so darn cute! The boots rock!!!

  3. Loving the high-waisted Jordache :) I'm an '80's child too!

  4. Thank you girls! GGS, isn't there just something about a nice pair of vintage jeans from the 80's? 1 of my favorite eras, no matter how much bad talk it gets. :)

  5. I had a few pairs of the Jordaches myself...Oh the '80's how I miss you.

  6. M, did you watch that funny little video? I miss the 80's too, and prolly always will. ;)

  7. love lacy bobby socks!! I can never get enough of them and jump at the chance to make an outfit out of just the element of that girlie detail! Nicely done ...


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