Aug 23, 2010

He fell in love with a Mexican Girl

Saturday was my Mama's birthday, and I wanted to do a really special post for her that day, but we had a tragedy happen in our extended family so I wasn't able to. :(

So. . .
I decided to do this Music Monday post for her instead. :)

My mom is the very core of our family. I always joke to everyone else about how not everyone in my family likes one another but we ALL love my mama, and it seems like my siblings and I, like little birds, flock to her, even as adults, when we all get together. This special woman is THE most incredibly affectionate, caring, and loving person I know. My sis and I were also recently discussing how it seems like no matter if we're mad or sad or just distressed about something, anything, Mom just knows somehow exactly what we need to hear, and then everything is better after that long talk or phone call. That's what I call a gifted gal.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

I chose the song, "El Paso" by Marty Robbins because it's a song I've heard my dad sing to my mom for my whole life! I've always loved when my Dad has sung this to her. ♥
He especially puts his all into it when he sings,
I fell in love with a Mexican girl. . .

I'm so happy these two fell for each other, otherwise I would've never existed.
Note my very first favorite dress, my peek-a-boo dress.
Red & white with polka dots and puff sleeves. ;)
Best Mama this side of anywhere right here!

First 3 above, then came little sis.

♥ Mom and Dad, still in love ♥
I'm so grateful for this woman, and don't know where in the world I would be without a mother like her.
I know she's going to read this and probably get a little embarrassed,
but I just wanted to let the world know how special this beautiful lil' lady is to me!

p.s. Thanks for the pics, Dad! :)


  1. what a special & sweet tribute, jessica. i count myself as unbelievably lucky to have my mom as my rock too. i hope your mom has the wonderful birthday that she deserves! (and oh my gosh, the family photos are precious)

  2. This is so sweet. Love the vintage pictures of your parents. So adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday, linda mujer! ( to jessica's mama) :)

    What great pics!
    Your mom is a beauty and quite a handsome father you have!
    I'm sure they still look young as ever.


  4. ah! I love seeing old photos of parents of people I know. Such a nice tribute ~ thanks for the peek into your past ;)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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