Jan 5, 2010


A new year calls for new listings in the shop, but of course! ;)
How's your 2010 so far? Truth be told, my relationship with the month of January needs some work, but I'm so far sticking to my resolutions. All 2789790 of them. :D Just kidding. There ARE too many to list, but I think the 5 most important ones are:

1. Making ME time a necessary daily ritual. Reading & writing mainly, and NOT on the computer.
2. Eating healthier by cooking in instead of eating out
3. Calling my best friends more often
4. Not worrying
5. and working out at LEAST 20 minutes a day.

By all means, give me some more while I'm feeling motivated now!

TOP 3 New Year's resolutions for the shop include:

1. Incorporating bigger sizes!
2. Keeping color in control. :)
3. Consistent listing, EVERY WEEK. (hopefully) Keep bugging me, guys! ♥

and. . .if you have any advice on how January and I can start getting along better, send it my way. xo


  1. sifflements du loup dans la forêt - tarte aux myrtilles de grandma - pot de miel pour les yeux fiévreux - soupe aux trèfles sous la pleine lune - chant du coq à midi - tempête de neige en été - langue déroulée du loup (wolf) dans tex avery - nappe aux carreaux rouges et blanc (picnic)) - écho des trompettes tibétaines dans la montagne.. da #floor is happy !!

  2. aw you look just like little red riding hood! adorable.

    seems to me that your resolutions are pretty darn practical so don't be worried about sticking to them! cooking is fun and talking to bff's always feels good...i try not to limit myself to the phone with them because its not always convenient, write emails, send letters, mix cds, video chat, send photos, texts, etc!

    i'm excited that you made resolutions for your shop too! it can be tough feeling motivated but if you're doing what you love it makes everything better :)



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