Jan 3, 2010

I'd Wear Gray Like This

I'm not going to let the gray of these winter days bring me down, I think I'll choose to be inspired by it, instead. :) I don't usually wear gray much at all, but I've been noticing a trend popping up in my Etsy favorites. AMAZING gray pieces. These four I'm pretty much crazy about right now, especially that last LILLI ANN new look suit. My goodness, I nearly fainted when I first saw that one!

This 1940's Wiggle dress is the perfect shape, and that big bow is irresistible!

This darling set is WOOL for warmth in Winter.

I love the checkered plaid on this sailor style Jonathan Logan set!

Lilli Ann Perfection! Every single detail, down to the Rhinestone trim!
Even that little flared peplum on the jacket makes me weak in the knees!


  1. "i luv grey" + watching here is lik a #spacetime travel babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy))


  2. I love grey and wear it anytime of the year. The last suit is amazing!

    Glad I stopped by your blog :)


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