Dec 15, 2009

Vintage Christmas Dress Possibilities

You know how I'm always sifting through the virtual shopping racks? Look what I stumbled upon from Etsy! I know these are not your traditional velvet or satin holiday dresses in solid red or green, but they're so unique I couldn't help but to share them! The first two remind me so much of Christmas gift wrap, I can't believe it. Wearing either one of them would be like being the gift itself! Don't you think? I just KNOW I've bought gift wrap that looked like this before. You know what I'm talking about, the pretty shiny plaid kind.



And how FUN is the dress below? You know how I love novelty prints! It reminded me of this awesome girl I found out about online named Wendy Brandes who has some seriously awesome novelty print dresses and is never afraid to take risks with fashion. This map dress and this lego dress are two of my faves from her blog.


Thought this dress was so perfect for Christmas. I love the wrap bodice and holly on the skirt! I think it's from the 30's or 40's too. Purrrdy!


Thoughts? What will YOU be most excited to wear for the holidays?


  1. oh we are on the same wavelength! i've been wanting a plaid dress or skirt like the ones up top for a while now. i passed one up at an estate sale over the summer and i still think about it...

  2. I only have one social engagement and it's a jeans, heels, tee, and fun jewelry kind of party (my favorite kind!) but.......if i HAD to dress up..i seriously love that first plaid dress...there's something about it. maybe you're right, maybe it's the gift wrap element!

  3. Pretty dresses... I love the first one.

  4. wow! Beautiful dresses

  5. I think plaid is even better than solid red or green.
    I'll be wearing green brocade myself.

  6. i *just* sold a black and blue long plaid gown similar to the first two. It was fab ~ reminded me a bit a jeffrey's plaid haute couture gown on PR a few years back.


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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