Dec 17, 2009

New Year's SPARKLING Eve

Here are a few pretty and beautifully illuminated items from the shop that would look fantastic on New Year's Eve. What are your plans?

My beau and I aren't sure yet what we're going to do. As far as clothes go though, I almost always choose silver in some form or another for NYE.

If you don't have anything yet to wear, why not sparkle up the party with one of these beauties?

Glitter Swirl Dress

Saks Fifth Avenue Sequin Dress

Shiny Silver Wedge Heels

Draped 80's Dress

Asymmetrical Liquid Gold Dress

Decorative Rhinestone trim Cream Cloche Hat

Sequined Silver Knit Dress

Glass Beaded Disco Belt

I love New Year's Eve so much, it's just such an exciting holiday! I always
get sad when I hear Auld Lang Syne, though. You too? It's this sense that you're leaving some parts of yourself behind to become this newer self.
Change is good though, yes? ;)


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  1. Try not to think of it as leaving parts of you behind, we're just growing and becoming better versions of our younger selves! That's not to say it necessarily happens on New Year's eve though...

    I love that disco belt! I found one the other day that goes with a black jumpsuit! so cool and fun!

    happy holidays and cheers!


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