Dec 14, 2009

Monday Morning Shop Update

All this talk of winter, and the official first day of the snowy season hasn't even hit us, YET! Some of my favorites from the shop right now are still holding onto fall. {That Autumn striped dress was just recently added, I love it!} Add a sweater and you'll be ready to go. Thank goodness for layering. :)

new wool pink dress

autumn plaid dress

sheer metallic striped neck bow dress

Pendleton wool blazer

deep cerulean velvet pants

merlot velvet puff sleeve dress

un-mellow yellow cardigan sweater

cowgirl plaid blouse


  1. the top part of the third picture's dress is really quite pretty !

  2. I just love that pink wool dress and the autumn plaid. And I can't believe you guys haven't had a snowy day yet--what a difference a two hour drive makes! We've had a couple feet for a few weeks now.

  3. I absolutely adore the autmn plaid and I am still drooling over the yellow cardigan =] totaly gonna buy something from ya sometime.


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