Dec 18, 2009

MY TURN, Christmas Wish List

I've been checking out all of my blogger friends' Christmas wish lists lately and FINALLY today decided to take a few moments out of my crazy moments-before-the-chaos-of-holidays-sets-in Friday to share some goodies I'd love for Santa to put under my tree this year.

♥ HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL of YOU! I hope you have a safe, cozy, and sweet time with your family and friends. ♥

1. My dream handbag, have ALWAYS wanted one exactly like this!
Authentic Vintage Chanel Quilted purse

2. Absolutely LOVE these 3D Shark socks, aren't they adorable?

3. A year supply of chocolate cacao nibs from SweetRiot would make me happy every single day. mmm!!

4. Ever since this dress has been listed I've been imagining myself in it.
Everything about it is perfect to me. :)

5. These tattoo stockings on Etsy are SO COOL.

6. This Vintage Cherry Blossom GIVENCHY Sweater wants so much to be a part of my wardrobe, I just know it!

7. MOON BOOTS, oh yes, I think they're so rad! If these were my size, they'd
probably already be mine!

What is the ONE THING that you REALLY WANT this year? If you don't get it, will you buy it for yourself?


  1. yep.. that paon-plume tatoo stoc.king 4 queen is really superCute jessica ^^ + (L est en GRANDE FORME aujourd'hui laLola olalalalaaaaaaaaaa))

  2. Love the chanel and that dress!!! so fun :o)

  3. Any list that goes from classic quilted Chanel bag to shark socks to cocoa nibs is aliright in my book! I love this list. :)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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