Dec 27, 2010

Newest and Soon To Come

As I said yesterday, it's been too long since I've had a shop update. I have been slowly adding items to the shop, just haven't made an update here on the blog due to the business (busy-ness!) of holidays. So here is my overdue batch of goodies, with most already added to the shop, and the rest coming some time during today.

P.s. The first ever little girl's item will be added in the shop today. (see bottom pic) When I first saw it, I couldn't resist buying it! I actually wish it were my size, it is so incredibly darling! I'm seriously considering adding a girls section to the shop because lately I've been seeing the most adorable items. Any advice for this idea would be greatly appreciated, my fellow sellers! XO

{ Shop Lola }

Wrap Bodice Belted Taupe Dress
Cotton Taupe Wrap Bodice Dress, Vintage 70's
Sculptural Crushed Velvet Black Dress
Crushed Black Velvet Harem Dress w/ Satin Bow Belt, Vintage 80's
Candy Apple WOOL Puff Sleeve Skirt Suit
Candy Apple Wool Fitted Skirt Suit, Vintage 80's
Azure Knit Plunging Batwing Sleeve Dress
AZURE KNIT Plunging Batwing Sleeve Sweater Dress, 1980's
Pretty in Plaid Wool Skirt
COLORFUL SQUARES Warm Lined Wool Skirt, Vintage 70's
Midnight Velvet Floral Applique Dress
Midnight Velvet Sparkling Applique Dress, Vintage 80's
Saks 5th Ave Bold Bouquet Dress
Bold Bouquet Saks Fifth Ave Draped Dress, Vintage 80's
Sage Green 70's Corduroy Dress
Spanish Moss Green Corduroy Dress, Vintage 70's
Creamsicle Boucle Wool Skirt Suit
Creamsicle Wool Boucle Skirt Suit, Vintage 80's
Foxmoor Honey Brown Corduroy Jumper
Foxmoor Zip Up Corduroy Jumper, Vintage 70's
Peach Sorbet Shoulder Ties Dress
Peach Sorbet Plunging Shoulder Ties Dress, Vintage 70's
Lace & Chiffon Cocktail Dress
Lace & Chiffon Cocktail Dress, Vintage 80's
Girls Classic Red Wool Sailor Coat
Girl's Rothschild Classic Red Wool Sailor Coat
{ Shop Lola }

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, J! I love that first wrap dress, and the boucle suit.

    I don't have any children's vintage advice for you. We have boxes of the stuff--picked up along with other estate sale finds--that I've been tempted to list, but haven't found the time. I've wondered, too, whether there are any special restrictions/regulations about selling used children's clothing, as there are with toys, etc.--but I've done no research! That *is* a super-cute coat.


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