Sep 23, 2010

Eve was Weak, or, My Favorite Autumn Dress

I can't help but to think of that line from Stephen King's "Carrie" everytime I find myself eating food right out of the garden. Weird but true. :-P
Decided to take pictures of my favorite Autumn dress in my garden while the last of the cherry tomatoes are in the process of falling off of the plants. Only a few are still good and edible, and the rest look like the one from the picture below, so they're put right back into the ground.

About the dress: I found it in an antique shop and it was in excellent condition. The pictures make it look very red, but it is actually a burnt sienna, a very deep rust color. I love that it matches the leaves in the fall. It's also incredibly soft, made of a velvety material, and fits to the T. I'm crazy about the buttons in the back and the feminine puff sleeves and silhouette as well.

p.s. that giant pumpkin at the bottom took 2 men to pick up! My pops grew it, and now it's on my porch. :)


1940's rust dress: found at an antique shop
olive green 80's belt: thrifted
multicolored necklace : thrifted
knee-high chocolate brown boots: gift from a friend



  1. Lovely dress, such great fall texture. WOW on the pumpkin.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. What as great dress, it fits you like a dream and the colour if fab too!

  3. GREAT dress, J! I hope you weren't wearing it yesterday--or if you *were* that it wasn't 85 like it was here! :D It really looks fabulous on you and is the perfect autumnal color.

    Jealous of that great pumpkin!


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