Sep 28, 2010

Autumn Shop Update

This update is way overdue. I haven't been able to list very much in the shop lately because my life has become somewhat of a storm of chaos these days. Mama said there'd be days like this though, right? Initially I thought, "maybe I should take an Etsy break." But then I saw these garments hanging up on the "to be listed" rack, and NO! They're too pretty to go ignored.

Some have already been listed, and the others are soon to follow. Also have another batch of pretties coming later this week, or early next week depending on how all of these other personal matters go. Sometimes I wish I could go into such deeper detail, as venting can be such a nice outlet, but alas, I apologize my dears, I guess I'm just not the open book sort. Please nudge me if I go this long without a shop update again though, ok? Sometimes I need to be reminded to step away from the stress and remember the things that I find beautiful again.


Vintage 40's Crimson Snakeskin Heels
Vintage Jonathan Logan Wool Sweater Dress
Plaid & Lace Blouse, 1970's
1940's Satin & Lace Nightgown
Vintage School Time Plaid Dress
Metallic Stripes Sweater, 1970's
Merlot Velvet Ruffled Dress, 1970's
Vintage Black Leather Tall Boots
Vintage Teacher's Pet Dress
Vintage Navy Blue Wool Jumper


  1. Well, I am glad you posted an update because that plaid dress with the little bow at the neck is too cute! Hope life gets a little less crazy for you soon.

  2. i was wondering where you went chica!

    love those maroon shoes and that maroon cute!

  3. Those boots are rad! Obviously you love vintage just as much as I do, so please feel free to stop by my blog and hopefully follow. Much love VLxo.

  4. I love the first shoes. i'm adding your shop to my favorites !

    See U !


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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