Jul 27, 2010

Play Date and Tea

This week so far has been blissful. . .

I believe it's because:
1. I'm so completely excited about moving.
{check out the "lighten my load" sale if you haven't yet}
2. I spent most of my day outside yesterday in the lovely sunshine with garden produce.
3. I was able to see one of my very dear friends today, and I haven't seen her in months!

This is Taneha (Ta-nee-yah) and we've been friends for oh. . . about 11 years now. Tea (as I call her) came over today and picked me up for a little surprise excursion. Because I'm feeling so list-happy today, I'll tell you the top 5 reasons I absolutely love this gal!

"We have been friends together
In sunshine and in shade."

~Caroline Sheridan Norton


1. She is one of THE most fun girls I've ever met.


2. Being an amazing listener is one of her top awesome qualities.


3. She's not afraid of being spontaneous.


4. Her sense of humor very much matches mine, and there have been
countless times when I've laughed so hard with her,
tears were streaming down my face. (the best!)


5. One time we were singing together in her car for about 4 hours while driving back from a Chicago trip.
It's one of my favorite memories of us. ♥

Our surprise excursion ended up being a visit to a local
novelty sho
This girl really knows what I love.

These little banks made me laugh.

Just ♥ these bacon-themed items


'staches and brows


"Mr. Snot"

And my personal favorite area of the little shop: the candy corner. :)



We ended up buying these Crick-ettes (used as an eating dare) and some sour candies called Warheads that I haven't had since I was a little girl.
(used to LOVE 'em though)


What a great day. I honestly kept feeling like the reason why I was having so much fun was because I felt like a kid again, just playing with my friend. Tea and I have been known to break out into this song together, too. She's the only friend I ever play hand clapping games with as an adult.

It's so important to nurture your true friendships! Life can get so overwhelmingly busy sometimes, but I'm inspired, after today, to try to make a monthly "play date" with all of my close friends. Do any of you do something of the sort? I'm starting to feel like it needs to be a necessity.

"It is a happy talent . . . to know how to play."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. such cute pics of you two! I can't decide if the bacon balm is awesome or aweful...

  2. Your blog is really adorable!
    And that dress of the week... OMG!

  3. Okay, those I'm Savin' Up banks are hilarious! Looks like the perfect day with a friend. Some of my best loopiest moments with friends have been on long car rides--all that enforced time in a closed space!

  4. Cuties!!!
    Looks like alot of fun!

    Hang on to those girflriends who have been there forever, there the ones that will always be by your side!

    eeeekkkk...who ate the crickets? Were they crunchy?

  5. the bacon balm is funny, huh?

    Karen, I'm trying to decide which one I want to get!

    Vanessa, we both ate the crickettes. It wasn't actually that bad, just tasted like peanuts!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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