May 2, 2010

Classic Car Dreams and 2nd Date Details

I am a girl who loves vintage dresses.
I've never given much thought to vintage cars.
But while on date?/hangout #2 with that
cute new bearded young man in my life,
I found myself falling in love with these incredibly cool old vehicles
while we were visiting the car museum on Thursday evening.
Eye candy for classic car lovers!

Hello, Gorgeous. . . I'd love to be driving you.

This one's from 1974. Soooooooo Cool.
OLD car dealership sale signs.

The Hudson Hornet, thought this one below was quite patriotic.
Look at the list prices on these vehicles!
Can you imagine paying that TODAY for one?
"Keep dreamin, Jessica."

It was neat to see the old factory uniforms.

As you can see, I was especially attracted to the shiny red vehicles.

This bike from the late 1800s was hanging from the ceiling.

After the museum, my man friend and I did some adventurin' around the town & took some pics.
Don't you love adventurin'?

This building had a terribly bad fire recently, and it's in the process of being restored.
Wished I could have gone inside the fence to see what it looked like from the inside out.

Images from the park. . .

"open your eyes" to the beauty around you. . .
Touching tops of trees. ;) I want to climb one this spring / summer.
Do any of YOU still climb trees?
I like boys who appreciate nature.

nice sign, just what I was looking for. ;)
Ended the evening with a fun little trip to the costume shop,
after all Cinco de Mayo is coming up in only a few days!

Felt like I was a part of the Dukes of Hazard with this hat on.

This one's even cooler.

Looking forward to more adventurin' now that the weather is nice.
What I'd realllly love to do is take a spontaneous road trip one day soon.
hmm. . . we'll see.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday!


  1. Dream cars! Noting is more sexier then hanging some fuzzy dice in those classic babies. (I'm a sucker for red cars as well)

    And ff those photos are the lovely bearded man you're dating good catch ;)

  2. I love vintage cars! Cool photos.


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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