Dec 8, 2009

You want a Pom Pom Hat too?

Every time I go out these days it seems I get compliments on my fuzzy pom pom hat. I noticed that many people always ask me, "where did you get that?!" I actually found it while thrifting years ago, and decided to keep it for myself when I realized that besides being adorably cute, it was actually AMAZINGLY warm!

Anyway, just recently I noticed that traffic has been coming to my blog by searching for "vintage pom pom hats". :) Since I won't ever be giving mine up, I thought I should share some others I found online.

Hope you find a cute one to keep YOUR head warm! Aren't these so cute?

bustownmodern on Ebay

indiecultvintage on Ebay

thriftwares on Ebay

agesagogo on Etsy


  1. i love these, but i'd look ridiculous in tucson. i so had one as a kid...or maybe it was the hood on my blue velvet winter coat...

  2. Yes! I like that pom pom hat. Very cute.


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