Dec 7, 2009

Shadow Art Fair, Winter 2009

There is a local independent arts & crafts fair that goes on in the spring, and again in the winter every year. It is relatively new, I believe, and it's called The Shadow Art Fair. I absolutely LOVE it, and try to make it every time I can.

Here are a few things I really liked from the fair, it was held just this past Saturday.

The cycle-powered cinema. More info here.

Talk about a work-out, but such a COOL idea! Thanks Andy! :)

These gorgeous cakes from a company called Sweet Heather Anne. I love when bakers give you a sample too, what a TREAT. It was seriously delicious, and how PRETTY too!

LauraLyn (fellow Etsian!) had cute handmade Cosplay & Lolita styles. I really liked this scarf.
Cute bows & headbands too.

Bright kiss paintings = COOL.

The faces on these mugs really caught my eye! By yet another fellow Etsian
called J. Thomson Pots.
Aren't they fun?

Adorable. Wish I could remember the name of this shop! I'm sorry!

Their beard hats made me smile. :) They look so warm.

Pretty block prints.

A cool shirt I saw, just had to take a pic. ;)

And finally my favorite of all the vendors! Jewelry seller Sara Bradstreet. She was super sweet and friendly, and I LOVED her amazing statement pieces created from vintage jewelry. I was so happy to find out that she also has a little etsy shop called Broad Street! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little peek from an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon. For more information about the Shadow Art Fair, click HERE.


  1. ^ ^ + j/k : of couuuuuuurse its enjoyable thx hun but.. one can't see U on these pics WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE HELL !!? looooooooooooooooooooooooo# imagine the..

  2. no.. lets stay derious for a while.. please ! please !! and then..
    bear/beard hats LOOOOOOL !!! hahahaha


  3. I think the beard hats were from Wolly Mammoth Design. They're not listed on the site, but they do have the coin purses.

  4. super sweet blog! you are adorable and it was a pleasure meeting you at shadow...thanks for mentioning my jewels...


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