Jul 10, 2009

Shop Update this Weekend! Stay Tuned!

Here are just a few goodies coming to the shop this weekend! I'm crazy in love with these 70's spandex disco pants right now!! THE BEST bright ELECTRIC PURPLE color!

My heart melted when I found this Mint Green 50's day dress. Loveliest of the lovely!

Always a fan of polka dots!

Couldn't resist the color of this 80's chunky knit tunic top!

Hearts I certainly can't pass up, Valentine's day is my favorite holiday of the year!

This little 80's geometric black & white mini skirt shouts New Wave. Love it!

And last but not least I know this 70's calico mini is more for the fall season, but isn't it adorable?! Love it so much with those knee high boots!

Hope you enjoyed this tiny sneak peek of what's coming to the shop!
Stay tuned! I'll hopefully have all of these and MORE listed by Sunday!!


  1. oh dear i want that mint green dress! eeeep!

  2. Hi girl! I have a pair of those spandex pants in black! Luv them!


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