Jul 10, 2009

My Favorite Clothes--Day 3 of 7.

Okay, these are hands down my favorite jeans. When I found them they were DEADSTOCK with tags. They're 80's vintage Gitano high waisted jeans and they're super dark denim, after tons of washes too! To put the cherry on top of THAT, they're ridiculously comfortable, 100% cotton! I seriously wear these about 3 times a week! (you can even ask my friend Deargolden, because I think I was wearing them nearly every single time we've seen each other!)

The puff sleeve polka dot top isn't vintage, but I found it and fell in love immediately because it's so girly and I knew it would fit to a t!

Paired the outfit with a cute little shiny red bow belt I bought off of etsy from MySassyLassy and some strappy wedge heels I bought at the mall years ago.

Couldn't decide if the jeans looked better down or rolled up? hmmm...
There's a little bit of a rockabilly feel to this outfit and I LOVE IT!

Thanks again to my motivation team of @nodtomodvintage @DaisyToad and @afreshvintage for inspiring me to post outfits for seven straight days!! :) It's been very fun so far!



  1. These are the fabulous jeans I met you in! Super sweet!

  2. I love your belt! What a great find by My Sassy Lassy!!! So cute!


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