Aug 16, 2011

Stella McCartney's Dots

I love when the Vogue & Elle Collections issues come out! Makes for quite an indulgent afternoon sipping an iced mocha while spending a couple hours looking over what's new on the runway.

Stella McCartney's black dotted illusion lace dresses were some of my favorites. They're pretty sexy, but still leave a bit to the imagination. I like how the lines of the different materials do something interesting with the silhouette. I'd really have to be feeling a little daring to wear some of these though! The peplum pantsuit (4th one down) is my absolute favorite. I'd LOVE to rock that outfit with red lipstick & shiny heels! 

Since the pieces above are most likely well over most of our budgets, here are some more affordable and similar dotted illusion pieces from ETSY. The second one (the blouse) has tiny little dotted hearts. Cute!





  1. Love!
    I'm actually doing a dot shop update this week too!

  2. I'm listing a similar white dress too, Vanessa! I love the sheer fabric so much.

  3. You would look gorge in any of those frocks hun. xx


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