Aug 17, 2011

The Perfect Man. Mid-Week LOLs

Ever since this happened I've sort of been daydreaming about what I'm now looking for in a mate. My mom tells me, "Mija, you just need to write everything down that you want, and focus on that." Well, I have some good news for my mama, I think I've found what I'm looking for! ;)

Hope you all get a few laughs, I love this guy. I believe the Brawny website used to let people make their own Brawny Man videos and that's where these originally came from.

What's not to like about this lumberjack and his log cabin? LOL!

He loves your new haircut!

He's a great listener!

He admires your natural beauty!

He remembers your birthday!

He gives foot massages while fresh bread is baking in the oven!

He encourages your shopping addiction!

For those of you who want more Brawny Man videos, there's a few additional ones here.


  1. Okay, I just watched "active listener" and I'm cracking up! These are perfect. Not only does he live in a log cabin (one of my ridiculous fantasies) but he appears to be a falconer. :D So clever. But would it make me buy Brawny?

  2. These made my day - hilarious!!


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