Feb 17, 2011

Bring on the Brights

We've had highs in the 50's this week, and there's nothing like watching the snow melt, hearing the birds chirp, and having a sunshine-filled apartment to get me motivated to start bringing Spring into the shop. Yes, I know I'm just a tad early, but I think my favorite season is going to be too. I love waking up to a bright day! Keep your eye out for these vividly colorful items coming to the shop within the next couple of days! XO

{Shop Lola}

Leonard of Paris Brilliant Metallics Skirt Suit
Leonard of Paris Brilliant Metallic Skirt Suit, vintage 80's
Shining Peacock Angora Tunic Sweater / Mini Dress
Shining Peacock Angora Tunic Sweater / Mini Dress, vintage 80's
Toggle Button 70's Scarlet Corduroy Dress
Toggle Button Scarlet Corduroy Dress, vintage 70's
Faded Teal Full Skirt Rayon Dress
Faded Teal Full Skirt Cool Rayon Dress, vintage 80's
Cool Crochet Striped 70's Knit Top
Cool Crochet Colorful Knit Top, vintage 70's
Bright as Sunshine Cotton Gauze 70's Sun Dress
Bright as Sunshine Cotton Gauze Dress, Vintage 70's
Light Denim 70's Fitted Jean Jacket
Light Denim Fitted Jean Jacket, Vintage 70's
70's Bright Red Batik Tunic Mini Dress
Bright Red Batik BohoTunic Dress, vintage 70's
Freshly Squeezed Ruffled Orange Sun Dress
Freshly Squeezed Bright Orange Ruffled Sun Dress, vintage 80's


  1. spring is so close i can taste it!! it's been warm here too, well like 42. but hey! to us that's practically 80!

    love that peacock dress!!


  2. Highs in the 50s?!? How are we in the same state?

    Love that peacock top!


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