Feb 19, 2011

ETSYVERSARY Salebration!

Today marks my 2nd year anniversary being an etsy vintage seller. I'm ETSTATIC ;) about my experience with Etsy, especially compared to my experience with another 4 letter online sales site that starts with an E. lol.  SO HAPPY I made the transistion two years ago today. 

So my dear Etsy, just want to say thank you for such a creative community-based site, and more importantly, for the chance to be introduced to some of the most amazing artistic expression I've *ever* seen. I'm also forever grateful for making friends with some incredibly lovely vintage sellers who have really helped me learn a thing or two along the way. You know who you are. ;)

As an appreciation to all of my past and future customers,   
take 20% off of your order now until Tuesday with coupon code "ETSTATIC".

Additionally, if you HAVE indeed been a past customer of mine, send me an appreciation photo of you wearing your Lola Vintage item and I'll send you a little suprise to your inbox.


*Click the pic to head on over to the shop*


  1. Happy Etsy-versary, Jessica, and I just LOVE your sale photo--you look SO flipping cute in that dress!

  2. thanks so much to both of you fab ladies! K, that pic was taken when I was still selling on ebay, 4 years ago, can you believe it? So glad I'm on Etsy now.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! love love love your pic!!! xo


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