Feb 18, 2011

And the Universe said, "Wish Granted!"

Remember this post? Ohhh my goodness you guys, when I came upon this skirt below, I felt like the universe was really listening when I asked that day to find a flowy long skirt for Spring. Just recently I visited a consignment shop that I hadn't been to in ages. Imagine the look on my face and the pace of my heart when I found this gorgeous striped silk skirt that just so happened to be my size. It's deep cranberry red in color with metallic gold stripes, and made of an amazingly soft, light and sheer silk chiffon. Notice the high waist, too? I LOVE IT. You can see from the second pic that it has teeny tiny pleats too. I took a few more pictures to show the fluidity of the fabric. Can you tell how much fun I was having twirling the skirt around? ;)

This find completely reminds me of another lucky item I came upon last year. Thanks for granting this wish too, Universe!

Velvet Hat with Satin Bow: vintage, thrifted
Sheer white blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Consignment store find (non-vintage)
Leather Ankle Boots: TJ Maxx


  1. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! And I love the velvet hat :) I have a similar one that you may have just inspired me to wear today :)

  2. That is an amazing skirt, Jessica--and looks amazing on you! And so on trend (not that I care about trends, but *still*). Well done!

  3. Thank you Bruklyn and Karen!
    B, I just found that hat this week and then tried it on, oops! She's a must keep now.

    K, I'm not a trend watcher either but can't believe how lucky I got with this find.


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