Oct 26, 2011

First Favorite Dress, Age 3

Do you remember your very first favorite dress? This one below was mine. I was 3 when this picture was taken.  Is it crazy that I remember battling my mother to be able to wear this little red puff sleeve polka-dot number? She wanted me to wear something brown to match the rest of the family. Because MATCHING is so important, didn't you know? ;) I protested. When the two flaps in front on the dress were opened, a happy smiling Pooh Bear could be seen underneath enjoying his sweet pot o' honey. How could I ever forget?

My awfully cut terribly short bangs courtesy of my older brother who decided to play barber for a day sometime before this picture was taken. *sigh*

In my never ending battle for organization, I'm going through my zillions of old pictures with 4 projects so far.
  1. a scrapbook for my son
  2. scanning old photos for family & friends to share on facebook
  3. preserving family photos for future generations
  4. understanding my fashion sense over time. (still love red, polka-dots, puff sleeves, and peek-a-boo dresses) :) Still love Pooh Bear too, though you most likely won't see me wearing a dress with him on it again. 
 Please share a link in the comments if you end up blogging about your first favorite outfit, my friends! I'd love to see it!


    1. What a cute dress! You were clearly right to battle your mother to wear it. :)

    2. So cute! I love that photo. See--you had fashion sense even at age 3, J! (And you knew it was important enough to fight over.)

    3. You are cuuuuuuuute!!!!!


    I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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