Aug 6, 2011

Going Greener

Happy Saturday, blogger friends! I think this is the only green blouse I own. Maybe even the only green piece of clothing that is part of my closet! When I spotted it, I knew it was for me. The puffy sleeves, wide neckline, fitted seams - so pretty. AND it's vintage 1950's, made of a super comfy cotton, and zips on the side. Keeper!

Oh, and this post isn't just about my blouse! As the title suggests, I'm celebrating this week of being the 2nd week in a row that I've juiced every single day. My brother kept urging me to watch the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and after I viewed it, I was sold! I've had a juicer for about 2 years now, but have only used it regularly about once a week, or when I felt I was needing a little vitamin boost. (nights after drinking!) The last picture is one of my favorite blends lately: kale, a bit of watercress, cucumber, granny smith apples, guava, and cucumber. I've been trying to incorporate as many greens into the juices as I can handle, some blends are way too bitter for my liking. (no more mustard greens for this girl!) But, I've been feeling so great since I've been juicing every day! I highly recommend it -- you know it can only be good for you getting that much fresh produce in your system in one day!

I'll save the longer version of this story for another blog post, but the movie wasn't the only reason why I started to take my health more seriously. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder that makes me feel like I'm hungry WAY too much. Not only that, I'm prone to crave salt, which we all know makes our bodies retain water. NOT FUN, let me tell you! I feel like I've been battling with my energy levels for the last couple of years, and in the process have gained weight that has very much challenged my view of health, diet, and exercise. . .  More on this later, I promise! For now, BOTTOMS UP to greens! ;)


:: outfit ::
green cotton 50's blouse: thrifted
high waist 70's jeans: ebay
leather braided vintage belt: thrifted
butterfly pin: thrifted (I love butterflies!)
earrings: had for forever!
black Bass cork wedge sandals: DSW

a little thanks to my brother for taking those pics of me!


  1. Super cute outfir sweetie, you are sooo pretty. Have a fab weekend xx

  2. Wow! This green blouse looks fantastic with the jeans! Love the 70s look :)

  3. i'm in love with that butterfly pin! so pretty!

  4. That blouse is adorable! And I think you may have inspired me to find the juicer we have somewhere in the house.

  5. oooh you've inspired me to get a juicer, been thinking about it as I know how great they can make you feel...on another note, excellent jeans and blouse! oh god I had a mustard green juice experience and nearly lost it all over the pavement....way 'too" green for me! he he. Keep rockin' the 70's mama!

  6. thanks all of you, gosh you inspire me to do more outfit posts! Now if I could only get my butt in gear to set them up over here! x


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