Aug 5, 2011

Rescued Images of Clarence H. White

One of my recent finds while out and about thrifting was an early 1970s Camera magazine. The two photographers featured were Diane Arbus and Clarence H. White. While I was familiar with the work of the former, Mr. White was someone whose work I'd never seen before. I instantly fell in love with these images, and saved the magazine, (which was falling apart at the seams) so that I could frame his work and put it up in my apartment. Now I just need to find the right spot in my place to display these lovely women.

(via wikipedia)

Clarence Hudson White (April 8, 1871 – July 7, 1925) was an American photographer and a founding member of the Photo-Secession movement. During his lifetime he was widely recognized as a master of the art form for his consummate sentimental, pictorial portraits and for his excellence as a teacher of photography. Toward the end of his career he founded the Clarence H. White School of Photography, which produced many of the best-known photographers of the Twentieth century...

My favorites of all of the images are the girls playing the game in the sun-lit room, and both of the pictures in the last photo. Beautiful!


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  1. Gorgeous images! I think I've stumbled across that photo of the girl reading on the couch on Tumblr before. Yes, Tumblr is where I'm currently getting my cultural education.


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