Jun 25, 2011

Luminarium - Architects of Air

How happy I was when my friend told me about this wondrous attraction happening at the local summer festival in our town! Below is the Amococo Luminarium, a brilliantly lighted walk-through set of connected domes, semi-resembling a child's moonwalk structure on the outside, but without the bouncy bottom on the inside. It was, in a word, MAGICAL!

I LOVE surprising Lukas with neat little outings like this, and I think this particular one tops almost all of our little adventures in the past year!

The outside of the structure reminded me of a cartoon. I completely felt like an overly excited child when we were waiting nearly 2 hours in line to get in!

Just before entering. We were both so eager to see what this Luminarium hype was all about!

There was peaceful music playing in the background, and I kept thinking of how awesome it would be to be completely alone inside with nothing but the quiet and light.

My friends enjoyed the experience so much too! I preferred the red light, to me it was the most calming.

The top of the red dome looked like the sun on the horizon. Love the way this pic turned out of Lukas & his friend!

Lukas kept saying he felt like a little worm in his holey worm home underground. I'm so happy he loved it! :)


We were pretending we were on mars. I love this pic of my Luke!

Check out the website because apparently the structure is touring now and definitely explore the dome if it comes to your area! It was totally worth the 2 hour line wait! Here's a little video if you want to learn a little bit more about the wonder that is the luminarium.

I love adventurin' with my son! We're headed off for another one just after I'm done with this post. Northern Mitten here we come. (I'm on a vintage hunt!) :D Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh Wow! I wanna go! What lovely pictures you got..I love the one of your son.

  2. Wow this looks absolutely amazing, what a cool experience! btw, I've tagged you for an award if you fancy doing it. x x

  3. How cool and trippy this looks! Have a fun trip north and happy hunting. :)

  4. hey coolness! looks pretty fun! agree with Karen...a little bit trippy!

  5. such a great photo of you two!
    i cant wait to start doing fun things like this with my little one.

  6. Wow.

    Thank you so, so much for your kind words and yes, it is so hard to let go...{3 years now I've known it wouldn't work...} But I am moving forward...I hope you are doing well too.

    You all love so lovely and fantastic under those lights!

  7. Fantastic pictures! amazing colors!


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