Jun 24, 2011

High School Besties!

Finally getting around to posting a few pics of when my high school best friend came to visit. This is Pahoua Monique. {Pa-hoo-a} I call her Poohbear. ;) A couple of years ago I visited her in down in Miami. I hadn't seen her since then. She used to live in Detroit, but moved shortly after the scary Michigan economy started going down, so I really can't blame her. It was sooo good to see this girl when she came back to the mitten though! When she moved to my high school in our 10th grade year, we hit it off immediately. I loved her excited nature, she screams this cute little scream when something grand happens, and it's how I know good news is coming when I answer her phone calls! I was floored by her closet in high school and even now -- she's the friend I mentioned who keeps her clothes organized by color. (we're so different!) But she's got such a cute style, and because we are very similar in size, it was a blast trading clothes as teens!

Back in our senior year we had decided we'd live together, attend the same school, and all of the other things high school besties plan out together. Funny how things change, huh?! She is now a logistics genius in the corporate world in Miami and I'm still in the mitten, now running my own little vintage shop online. I just wish I still had all of those vintage dresses from our thrifting days way back then!

Do any of you girls still keep in contact with your high school best friend? Isn't it fun to rehash memories of adolescence together? ;)

Phillip, the cute German boy she brought along for the trip.


  1. I've just reconnected with my group of school friends after not seeing most of them for many years, you certainly know your true friends when everything is just the same with eachother, even after all that time. x

  2. I am seeing my high school besties in a few weeks for the first time in a few years, and the best part about whenever we get together is that that we are always in sync, as if we see each other every day.
    And, oh my! Is that german boy a cutie!
    xo, Anita

  3. So true, Becka! Always reminds me of that little song, "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold." :)

    Have fun with your pals, Anita! And yes, indeed! I told my friend to hold on to that one, he's a keeper! ;)

  4. Sweet post! I'm still in touch with a few high school friends via Facebook, but not those I was closest to. High school was a bit weird--not my happiest years. I do still keep in touch with the pretty close-knit group of friends I made in college, though.

  5. Whoa, super cute German boy!

    Just found your blog via SadieDeluxe. Love it!


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