May 19, 2011

Blame Cyndi Lauper

I'm going to be listing some pretty rad 80's pieces soon, ladies! If you've followed my blog for a while, you know how much I adore this time period. It's the time when I was a little girl and envied my aunts for being grown ups and spending their Friday & Saturday evenings getting all dressed up to go out. Ahh, their outfits! Puff sleeves, pastel knits, acid washed jeans, bright "pumps" and all! ;) But I can't say they were the only influence on me! I can't even look at a bright strapless mini dress without thinking of my favorite multi-color haired 1980s singer. Honest to Betsey, I remember watching this woman on TV back then and wanting nothing more than to BE HER when I grew up. Was inspired to share this with all of you when I was looking at outfits I'm planning for my next 80's night out!

It's true, this flash of brilliant color, this adorable skirt-spinning pixie embodied SPUNK to my young little girl mind. With her free-spirited attitude and fearless fashion sense, she seemed like *the* definition of FUN in my book. Here she is, my #1 girlhood idol! Oh, and if you were wondering, YES, the title of my tumblr blog is surely inspired by her. ;) Seriously, how can you not just love a woman who sings a song called, "Girls just wanna have fun"?

I love you, Cyndi Lauper!!

Found some old favorites on Youtube if you wanna rehash your girlhoods too! Girls just wanna have fun, Time after Time, True Colors, She Bop , What's going on, All through the Night, He's so unusual Yeah, Yeah,, Change of heart , I'll kiss you, Maybe He'll Know.

PC: images via google and GJWHF video stills.


  1. I almost shaved the side of my head to be a little like her . . but instead I went with shaving the back of my head for a few years. hehe. I have a few of her albums on vinyl which is the only way I'll listen to her music because it is the best way to do so. Of course She's So Unusual is one of the greatest 80s albums ever.

  2. That is too cool that you have her on vinyl, Victoria! Gosssssh I need a record player. P.s. I'd love to see old shaved head photos if you'd ever want to share. I'm gonna do a high school post soon and will probably scare everyone away from my blog. hahah! (my black lipstick days) we'll see. ;)

  3. I still love her too! She is just the definition of fabulous!

  4. my older sisters used to dress me up like her all the time when i was a little girl and i LOVED it! (of course) the 80s were so rad!


  5. oh, you're making me feel old!!! i did the puffy sleeves, had the buzz cut on the one side - Flock of Seagulls ... black rubber bracelets, the neon, the Flashdance, the crosses a la Madonna ... oh, you've take me back :)

  6. I think Madonna usually gets most of the props for 80s style, but I have to say, I really loved Cyndi!


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