May 16, 2011

More Color Please

In an effort to brighten up the shop a bit for spring and summer, I've decided to have a 25% off sale on all black items! I was just rearranging my shop today by color, and couldn't believe how many black items I have. Nothing wrong with that, lord knows I cannot pass by a cute little black dress without picking it up! But I have got to put some more COLOR in the shop for this season especially, that's obvious to me now!

Please use coupon code: "MoreColorPlease" to shop the all black sale {HERE}. 


  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter! I am now following your blog, and looking forward to some food posts.
    xo, A.

  2. Checking the sale now (A girl can never have to much black)

  3. Good idea about making the shop brighter. We love color in ours too!


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