Nov 3, 2010

Fashion Hors d'oeuvres

Who knew there would be a time when I would be calling a line of accessories "deeelicious!". The following photos are the work of photographer Fulvio Bonavia. Aren't they fabulous?

I always get such a kick out of food as fashion. I'd love to sport that broccoli purse this season, and imagine telling someone your shoes were made out of eggplants!

Be sure to check out his site to see the noodle necklace, cauliflower cap, garlic boots and more.

Hungry yet? ;)



  1. these are soo cool. love the hat too!

  2. So happy you two are as giddy about these as I was when I first saw them. And clever pun, sweet european dreams. ;D

  3. haha these are so cool, creative people make me happy!


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