Oct 31, 2010

Last Night at the Boo-ery!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I love this holiday, it is probably one of the most fun nights to go out during the entire year. Last night my sweetie and I dressed up for a local costume party and show that was held at a Brewery. It was such a great time, I love when people get excited about getting all costumed up.

We went as "American" and Martian Princess or "Alien". Thank goodness for thrift stores, these were totally last minute costumes, but they worked! :)American & Alien
Loved the decor on the brewery tanks!
Boo-ery decor
Enjoyed some pretty & funky sounding music from Manhole UK.
Manhole UK
And here are some of my favorite costumes . . .
Tetris costume, LOVE IT!
mummy & bride
Pepples & Bambam
Dexter & Victim
Dick in a box costume
Riding my poweranimal

How cool is that Tetris trio? Thought that was pretty clever. That's one of my best friends and her boyfriend up there as Dexter and his victim. I loved it!! And that *beep*-in-a-box costume? Hilarious!

Tonight will be much more low-key, we're handing out candy and FINALLY carving pumpkins, I *hope*. What did you dress up as? I hope I see some costume posts from you guys!



  1. looks like a ton of fun! I'm doing the same thing tonight... handing out candy (eating candy) and carving pumpkins. Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh, the Tetris costumes are *awesome*! Andy and I went out antiquing and for drinks and dinner last night, but lamely did not dress up. (When Andy claimed Halloween burnout as a vintage seller, our bartender called him out by saying "That's like me not drinking.") I did have fun thinking up costumes for us for next year. Most awesome costume (and I'm sad I didn't take photos): a pair of robots, one of whom had a little rotating disco ball on top of his robot head!

  3. Thanks Girls, I hope I get to see your costumes for next year! I LOVE dressing up.


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