Jul 11, 2010

Long week

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Yes, it has been one helluva long week, and I'm sorry dear blog and blogger friends that I've been away. I promise to give you more attention this week. I have been up to a few fun projects though!

1. I've been video taping a couple of my friends' eco-conscious building projects, which includes styrofoam house foundations (very neat!)
2. I've been planning a move, which means getting rid of a ton of things I don't need. (teeny little non-vintage sale coming to the blog soon)
3. I've also been helping my dad here and there with harvesting his garden, and let me tell you the yellow squash and zucchini are OUT OF CONTROL. I think if I just sat and stared at them I could actually see them getting bigger. Wish I could send you all a few of these yellow and green veggies, dearies!
Hey, wait, maybe I can. . . after all, I AM planning to make a few (hundred) loaves of zucchini bread soon. . . ;)
Let's just see how they turn out.
When I was a little girl and helped my aunt make the bread I accidentally added salt instead of sugar. NOT GOOD.
A memory I will never forget, as it is reminded to me every harvest season. *sigh*

What have you all been up to?

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  1. That's a great photo!

    I saw a house made out of styrofoam in Sunset Magazine once. That is totally cool! Also, totally cool in the summer and warm, supposedly in the winter...

    I love zucchini and zucchini bread! Anything homegrown is awesome!

    I wish you were moving closer to California my friend!

    Summer is a funny time in the blog world...internet world. It seems many are busy enjoying their vacations, kids, etc. I think it's a good excuse to relax a bit and not feel so much pressure to keep up...at least that's where I'm trying to be.

    Miss talking to you!


  2. LOVE IT
    such great inspiration, keep it up!
    i'm loving your blog and i'm a huge fan
    thanks so much for sharing!


  3. I understand being busy. No worries. Milo had his 6 month reunion with my Mid-wife group, for babies born in January. He has grown the most...little chubbies. :)

    And Purple Deer just had photo shoot...busy, busy busy.


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