Jul 12, 2010

I've Been Hit With Your Charm

Thank goodness I had a cool older brother growing up to introduce me to music I would end up loving for the rest of my life! I must have been in middle school or high school around the time my brother was listening to the Sugarcubes (on cassette tape mind you).
This was the first time I was ever introduced to the wonderfully talented Bjork.
I've been in love with this quirky beauty ever since.

She's so adorable in this video, and I love that the song is not just about accidental love it's also about an accidental something else. . .

Here's a hint from the lyrics, definite giveaway. ;)

♫ You've put a seed inside me, and while you're away,
it's growing silently. . . starts in my stomach,
embraces my insides, and is about to reach my heart ♫

HIT by the Sugarcubes


  1. I remember my first Sugarcubes CD; got it with my dreadful Columbia House membership!

  2. Aaaghh! Remember BMG? I think I STILL owe them a few dollars.

  3. I so remember hearing Bjork/SugarCubes for the very 1st time on WLAV in Grand Rapids~ I ran out and bought the CD (I still have the original) I still enjoy her amazing voice and I have all of her CD's!

  4. Jamie, isn't she amazing? No one compares to Bjork, she's a voice and persona all her own, love it!

  5. this is soooooooooooo lovely!!!:)

  6. Sugarcubes?... Yes Please!!! YAY!!


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