Jan 21, 2010

Late Night Shop Update

Say hello to some of my favorite items in the shop right now.

I remember that I used to describe the first dress as a "Heidi" dress, before
I learned that it was called a dirndl. I never care if it is Oktoberfest time
or not, I love the style of these dresses and will wear then any season of the year.

This one has a heart shaped print on the skirt. Valentine's day, maybe?

Caramel Ruffled Ascot Blouse

The classy Wool Tweed Suit

Saks Fifth Avenue SILK Tiny Flower Garden Shirtdress

Teal Velvet Full Skirt

Marigold Silky Blouse

and The SOFTEST Grey Puff Sleeve Dress

I think I've been doing fairly well with listing new items in the shop at least every week. Here's a toast to one New Year's eve goal! :)



  1. beautiful collection. luv the colors :)


  2. pretties!!! your shop is the cutest!!!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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