Jan 20, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist // The Vested Gentress

I have missed my "Novelty Print of the Day" posts terribly! Other interests have me distracted right now, but soon enough I will be incorporating my favorite novelty prints again. Until then, I had to take it upon myself to share some of my recent etsy faves of the ADORABLE items from
The Vested Gentress that I've found.
What a very selfish Wednesday Wishlist, but I needed to have my cute print fix! ;)

This kitten silhouette skirt makes me giddy!

How perfect would this dress be to wear to a community garden meeting?

on Etsy is CHOCK FULL of dresses by the Vested Gentress!
Check out these 5 unique frocks below.

Kissing Camels. . .

Happy Puppies. . .

Winking Horses. . .

Falling Flowers. . . (Valentine's day?)

and this Sea-Faring Dress!

Such delightfully charming little vintage pieces, aren't they?
Which one is your favorite?
For me, it's WAY too hard to choose!

For a tiny tidbit about the Vested Gentress from
the Vintage Fashion Guild click here.

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  1. My favourite is the last one. I love a nautical look.


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