Jan 18, 2010

My Music Monday -- The Breeders

I started listening to the Breeders in high school, thanks to my older brother who always seemed to know about cool music (at least in my eyes).

Kim & Kelly Deal were my idols back then!

These songs completely take me back to the 1990's. They're the songs my alternative friends and I were rocking out to! (and putting on mixed tapes for our boy crushes)

P.s. Is the word "alternative" even still in use? ;-P

I know you little libertine, I know you're a real koo koo. . .


Divine Hammer


Don't Call Home!

Do You Love Me Now?

And last but not least, my very favorite. . .
Not the original video, but FITS PERFECTLY. :)

Drivin on 9.


  1. oh, Divine Hammer takes me back! (thought I was pretty clever to recognize that it was about s-e-x)

  2. This post has made me feel very nostalgic!! Thanks for the videos - it's been a while.


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