Sep 11, 2010

Etsy Shop Crush : Textile Art by Laura Amiss

I'm a girl who loves clothes, and for a long time the extent of my mindset concerning fabric was that it was primarily something that made up the many items hanging in my closet. That is, until one day a few years ago when one of my college professors introduced me to the magic of textile art by handing me a few of her old Fiberarts magazines. Right there I was hooked on this new way of looking at cloth! I was delighted to come upon a textile artist in the Etsy finds this week whose work I instantly adored. How creative and charming these touchable and bright canvases are! Of course, you know I do really love how the theme flirts with fashion too. :) Aren't they pretty?

All from artist Laura Amiss on Etsy.

Happy Saturday, girls!


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