Sep 7, 2010

End-Of-Summer SALE!

Summers lovely hot days are coming to a close, and that means shop inventory needs to change!

I do love this feeling of renewal and change in the air, but will miss my warm weather days SO much, oh yes I will. I think this fall, though, I'm really gonna try working on my layering techniques. That's something I'm looking forward to as I've never really gotten into it, and can't wait to experiment. How 'bout you? Any new fashion ideas a' brewin' in your mind for Autumn? Karen over at Small Earth Vintage also has me wanting to try out the bow tie. I love this look from her blog.

Take advantage of many, and I mean MANY markdowns in the shop on these items below and more. These beauties are meant for warm weather, so if you're in the right place right now where you're about to be entering your summer season (Aussies!) this is the perfect time to snatch these pieces up!

SHOP the End-Of-Summer Sale.


  1. Your Vintage Summer
    dresses look great ! I like the dotted one and the plain hot pink ...


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