Aug 4, 2010

Blue Jean Baby

I'm lovin' the denim looks for fall that I've been seeing all over the place
in my favorite fashion mags.
Is there really anything that DOESN'T go with jean?
These high waist jean shorts were just added
earlier this week to the shop.

My friend Amy over at WildfellHallVintage is telling me I should keep 'em.
I'm very tempted. At any rate, if you don't see them in the shop later on today, you'll know why.

How do you like to spruce up your denim? I adore that first runway pic below (Ralph Lauren) with the ruffled top underneath the overalls and the hat. So CUTE.

some looks from the runway, Fall 2010.

Shop Lola.


  1. not only should you keep the shorts but the button up, ruffled waist-band skirt too! so sweet! ha!.....

  2. That is some serious glorious denim! I can't wait for Fall!


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