Oct 24, 2009

7 Loves for Saturday, Happy ALMOST Halloween

Halloween, you're just around the corner, how can it be? I still don't have a definite costume but I have been peeking around online to get inspired. I've always thought it would be fun to dress up like food. . . this was one of my faves, what do you think?

A box of chocolates.

I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, and own this book that I love to pieces.
I actually found some of the poems online here. They're the perfect combination of creepy and silly. This book would make such a perfect Halloween gift.

Trader Joe's sells this delectable pumpkin butter during the fall season and I have stocked up because I miss it so much when it's gone.
Put it on toast and it's almost like pumpkin pie, promise.

Stay warm in this cute pumpkin hoodie from seller ErosDIY on Etsy.

Who loves polenta? Amazing PUMPKIN polenta recipe here.

I usually don't like scary movies, but they are fun around this time of the year, as long as I'm watching them with people. I could never watch them alone! Nosferatu still creeps me out, just look at that face!

This is hilarious, you guys. It won the Best Short Film and Best Concept at the 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival. Ever wondered what Halloween is like from a pumpkin's perspective? haha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, blogger friends!


Photo credits: blog.makezine.com, coverbrowser.com, eatingbirdfood.com, allyou.com,

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