Oct 23, 2009

Hot for Hervé!

Hervé Léger is responsible for the skin tight dresses we call the bandage, or body con(scious) dress. He came out with this style in the 1980's, and it's one of my favorite looks EVER! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to pull this look off, because I sometimes feel a responsibility to dress a little more modest the older I get. . . ever feel this way too, 30 somethings? (I immediately hear this little voice now that says, "modesty schmodesty" ;)

Mini lengths and skintight, body-hugging fabrics scream SEXY.

This is one of my favorites, a more recent 2009 design, done in red & gold.
For sale by poppppo on Ebay.

AND. . . if you love the look but the designer price tag makes you want to faint, here are some of my favorite bandage styles from Etsy, inspired by Mr. Leger's designs, because. . . this man knows curves. xo




Hervé Léger the designer now officially designs under the name Hervé L. Leroux, after losing control of his company (and the commercial rights to the label) in 1999.

This is one my favorites from the newer label. GORGEOUS in every way!


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