Sep 18, 2009

Are you SUITable for these sets?

I'm a big fan of the SKIRT SUIT, especially the feminine, fitted version. Pair with a belt and matching heels and you're ready to conquer a day at the office, while toting that large coffee around in one hand, anyway. ;)

Here are three skirt suits in the shop right now and I think they're lovely. I'm shopping this weekend and will be on the lookout for more pretty vintage skirt sets, so stay tuned.

Wishing you, yes YOU a great weekend. ;) xo

Pink & black tweed, a favorite color combination.
Mod 2 toned, "power suit".

Raspberry deluxe.


  1. I love the raspberry red one! I'd probably look like Santa if I wore it (alas, not very thin).

    You're blog is wonderful! How have I not been following? Oh well, I am now.

  2. so pretty! I haven't worn a suit in years, like 20, but I love the suit look on you. gorgeous!

  3. I love skirt suits as well! I just bought two for the shop, one of them being this lovely plum color with pretty ribbon detailing on the lapel and pockets. Wish I had reasons to wear suits!

  4. Thank you so much, gals! Vintage petals, you can wear a suit whenever you want. See you at at the vintage conference! ;)

  5. I love the first suit - it's stunning!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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