Sep 17, 2009

Last day for my favorite Summer LBD.

Looking at, I realize temps are going to be inching their way toward the 60's next week. This will likely be the last week I get to wear this, my favorite little black dress of the summer. I love the open knit yoke on the bodice, and of course the mini length. You can't tell by the pics, but the solid black part of the dress is made of a cotton blend plisse fabric, so it's so comfortable and lightweight too.

The shoes below I fell in love with earlier this spring. They've certainly seen their share of sidewalk this summer! Aren't they so cute & mod? Both items (shoes & dress) were thrifted, and the belt was given to me by a friend.

I miss posting outfits and hope to do so more often when temps give me no other choice but to be inside. ;)


  1. adorable! bet you can't walk down the street unnoticed in this!

  2. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan !! where was i in september ├┤mama..mamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa sooooooooooo yyyyyyyyyyyxes °o°
    + depeche mode 81---04 the remixes CD2 in headphones now babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)))


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