Aug 17, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- Beer Lover's Favorite 70's Jeans!

I laughed so hard when I found these odd and RARE 70's jeans on Etsy! I've never seen anything like this printed on a pair of JEANS before. Full beer mugs, complete with foamy top are all over in front, back and on the pockets of these silly pants! The listing states that these jeans were owned by a former motorcycle club president back in the 70's. I love the history behind vintage clothing items, always makes me even a little more intrigued. For sale by bobbre1.


  1. what a find! hilarious! i love them. i don't think i could pull them off, but i'm going on a dive bar pub crawl this weekend. they might be just right :) great blog!

  2. i just showed this to my fella, and he seriously freaked! did you see the pretsel ones too?

  3. Amy, hello & thank you! I would love to wear these out too. I'm sure they'd be a hit at the dive bar. ha!

    Smashingbird, I DID see the pretzel jeans. They're outrageous, indeed! Glad you gals found these pants as amusing as I did. :D


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